Product Description

Flashback is a wearable, portable camera that records everything that
 happens around you at any time with the push of a button 
and is automatically stored on the server.


Simple and light, automatic storage, one-button opening

Strong and sturdy
Able to resist high impact

Wide angle lens
You won't miss any action

Synchronize with PC
Connect to the user's PC account

Simple operation
Easy to use for both adults and children

Small and light
Can be easily worn on the body

One button switch
Turn the device on or off at any time


FlashBack is a Singapore-based technology company dedicated to help save memories, transforming people’s lives through new technologies.
Technology and Design


Our team comes from Singapore and China, combining computer engineering and art design backgrounds to manage markets, technologies and finances.
     Tay Zi Hang

      CEO & CFO

     Li Xiang

     CEO & CTO

      Shaun Sim

       CEO & CMO

Product Planning

The product is currently in the research and development stage. The product will be further developed according to the timeline below.
Alpha test
Offline experience
Building a platform

Exhibition of works

Users can use their products for different purposes.
Holiday |  Anniversary |  Microfilm | 

Product Price

We offer a range of products targeted at different users.
Basic Edition

Megapixel count: 5 MP
Capacity: 16 GB
Technical support: Telephone/Whatsapp

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Advanced Edition

Megapixel count: 8 MP
Capacity: 32 GB
Technical support: Telephone/Whatsapp

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Ultimate Edition

Megamixel count: 12 MP
Capacity: 64 GB
Technical support: Telephone/Whatsapp


Our Service

Flashback is not just a technological product company, but more importantly, we provide users with more intimate services: product improvement, data recovery, product upgrade, replacement of old services. We ensure that every user enjoys a pleasant experience when using our products. We care for you and your memories.

Product improvement

We will constantly improve the products and make our products better through user feedback.

Data Recovery

If you lose the user data, we will help the user retrieve the data through the server.

Product upgrade

Constantly innovating product technology and focusing on product user experience.

Replace the old with the new

Users can replace old products with new ones before spending a lot of money.

Contact us

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Flashback is not only dedicated to promoting short-video storage technology, but also will launch a short video platform based on Flashback in the future to help more users discover the beauty of life and record every precious memory.